Analytical Services



Industrial chemical analysis is the broad description of the chemistry lab which includes instrumentation and expertise in the evaluation and compliance of supplied chemical products, product deformulation, environmental compliance (including RoHS, REACH, OEM SoC). Instrumentation utilized in these approaches include Thermal Analysis (High resolution TGA, Modulated DSC), chemical separations (chromatography including IC, HPLC, GC, GC/MS, pyrolysis and thermal desorption GC/MS), gravimetry, titrimetry, spectroscopy analysis (ICP-OES, EDS, FTIR), and calorimetry.

In addition, the laboratory supports a service Millipore cleanliness program capable of parts cleaning and evaluation per a variety of ISO and OEM specifications.

Methods EPA 24, ASTM D1125, D1160, D1177, D1500, D1209, D1287, D129, D130, D1401, D1613, D1662, D1688, D1796, D1979, D2068, D2070, D2270, D2369, D240, D2624, D2709, D287, D2893, D2896, D2974, D3175, D3519, D3703, D3946, D4291, D4294, D4308, D4327, D4377, D445, D4607, D4627, D471, D4806, D4972, D5185, D5501, D5865, D611, D6423, D664, D665, D7111, D7637, D7638, D7716, D808, D86, D891, D892, D91, D92, D94, D97, E1064, E1131, E1868, USP/NF, GMW8081, VDA 275, VDA 277, VDA 278, EPA SW-846, Chrysler RPAS, ISO 4405, 4405, 4407, Volvo, John Deere, Caterpillar, ZF, AAM Millipore cleanliness specifications.
Sample Size Various
Types of Material Supplied chemical products, oils, solvents, waxes, plastic, in process baths, composites, polymers, coatings, metallic, condensates, etc…