Analytical Services



RTI Laboratories performs analyses for a full range of metals in water, wastewater, surface water, soil, sediment and other matrices. Methods utilize Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES) or Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). These techniques measure metals present in prepared samples based on the characteristic wavelength or isotope mass, respectively. Mercury, by exception, is determined via Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAA) or Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (CVAFS). CVAFS is capable of measuring Mercury content in parts per trillion (ppt) levels and is commonly referred to as the low-level Mercury method.

EPA methods 6010C (ICP-AES), 6020A (ICP-MS) and 7470A/7471B (CVAA) are used for the analysis of aqueous and solid samples in environmental and other matrices. EPA Methods 200.7 (ICP-AES), 200.8 (ICP-MS) and 245.1 (CVAA) are used in the analysis of drinking water and wastewater samples. EPA Method 1631E is utilized for low-level Mercury analysis.

Available Method Summary:

Analyte Matrix EPA Method
Metals (ICP-AES) Aqueous or Solids 6010C
Metals (ICP-MS) Aqueous or Solids 6020A
Metals (ICP-AES) Drinking Water or Wastewater 200.7
Metals (ICP-MS) Drinking Water or Wastewater 200.8
Mercury Drinking Water or Wastewater 245.1
Mercury Water 7470A
Mercury Solids 7471B
Mercury (low-level) Water 1631E