Analytical Services



RTI Laboratories performs nationwide air quality testing that meets a variety of analytical needs, including indoor air quality, vapor intrusion, soil vapor extraction and remediation analytical support. RTI performs methods TO-13, TO-15, Air Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons (APH), Fixed Gases by ASTM 2504, TSP and Metals.

RTI can also provide collection media rental for volatile organics in ambient air or soil gas evaluation. This includes 6 Liter summa canisters with regulators and flow controllers for ambient air projects and more than three hundred 1-Liter Bottle-Vac containers for soil gas projects.

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Available Method Summary:

Analysis Group Method
PCB/Pesticides TO-4/TO-10
Semi-volatile Organics TO-13
Volatile Organics TO-15/TO-17
Air Petroleum Hydrocarbons MA APH
Fixed Gasses ASTM 2504
TSP and Inorganics IO-1, IO-2, IO-3