Analytical Services



RTI Laboratories offers a wide range of microbiological testing services, including Heterotrophic plate counts, Chlorophyll A, Coliform Bacteria, Fecal and Total Coliform. Our chemists are experienced in potable, surface and storm water analysis and can support large volumes of samples throughout the testing seasons of the year. RTI has ongoing projects with CSOs, wet and dry weather stream studies, municipal contracts and many other clients where the critical compounds of concern are bacterial components. RTI also has a limited set of tests that are done through Immunoassay or ELISA type plating. These tests are typically used for large volume studies and are most recently being applied for Hazardous Algal Bloom (HAB) monitoring.

Available Method Summary:

Analyte Matrix Method
Chlorophyll A Natural waters SM 10200H.2
E. Coli Water/Biosolids EPA 1103.1
Fecal Coliform Water/Biosolids SM 9222D
Fecal Streptococcus Natural waters SM 9230C
Heterotrophic Plate Count Natural waters SM 9215B
Total Coliform Natural waters SM 9222B
Total Coliform/E. Coli Potable water SM 9223B