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Paint Strata

Evaluation of paints and coatings systems is a core strength of the laboratory from a perspective of formulation, content, and finally performance evaluation. Different systems can be evaluated, including organic, inorganic and mixed and also including metallic coatings and plating. Study of as applied multilayer systems can also be understood and characterized. As supplied product evaluation is performed including EPA 24 VOC content, solvent content, solids and pigment content and composition, and additives characterization.

In addition, similar techniques can be applied to the study of polymer systems including thermal analysis (TGA, DSC), pyrolysis and thermal desorption GC/MS, FTIR, and EDS.


Methods FTIR, GC, GC/MS, pyro-GC/MS, EDS, High-res TGA, modulated DSC, EPA 24, HAP content, microscopic methods, ASTM D2369, E1868, SCAQMD Rule 1144
Sample Size Various
Types of Material Organic coatings and films including epoxy, urethane, latex, PVDF, PVC. Polymers including PE, PP, nylon, polyester. Metallic coatings including phosphate conversion coatings, zinc, nickel, tin, aluminize.